Bolton Haulage and Transport FleetTransport Fleet

Our fleet, obtained from various manufacturers, are top of the line with included specifications that meet both the driver’s needs and the needs of Allen Transport’s customers. Trailers, whilst similar in design, are in many cases built internally to meet the needs of our clientèle by varying internal heights and fittings, also the use of Moffett M4 25.3 lorry mounted forklifts are available upon request.



Moffett Mounty or Forklift Options

Moffett Trucks

If you don’t have loading or unloading capabilities, then let our Moffetts do it for you. Truck-mounted forklifts, with Mounty or forklift options, operated by our experienced, fully-qualified personnel, are an ideal, flexible and cost-effective solution.




FORS Silver AccreditedFORS Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that William Allen Bolton Limited has been awarded FORS Silver accreditation.

FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) is only awarded to hauliers demonstrating the highest levels of fleet management with emphasis on the safety of other road users.

The FORS audit is an intensive test of how well we run our fleet in terms of safety, driver training, efficiency, environmental concern and many other aspects of quality of management. William Allen’s Vehicles are now fitted with extra equipment to improve the safety of and awareness to other road users.

FORS will soon be a mandatory requirement for delivery into some London boroughs, hauliers without FORS may well be refused access to delivery points in the future if they are not compliant.